Beautifully designed
Carefully crafted

The only to-do list app
that make this job done

Everything you need to get things done

Sync with Google tasks

Sync your list with Google tasks flawlessly across all your Windows 8 devices


Unlimited level of subtasks, work perfectly with your Google tasks

Recurring tasks

Set up daily, weekly or even yearly tasks. Never miss a single event


Share your to-do lists through email, Facebook or twitter


Add notes for any tasks or subtasks

Due dates

Set due date to any task or subtask


Add reminder for tasks to let Great Task remind you on time


Get notifications any time, even when the Great Task is closed or the screen is turned off

Live tile

Show today's tasks on your live tile directly. You don't event need to open Great Task to review them

Snapped mode

Put Great Task side-by-side with other application. No need to switch back and forth to track your to-do list while working


Select your printer from device charm, and get a nice printed copy of your current task list.

Quick Navigation

Navigating has never been easier. All your lists and smart lists are in your fingertips in navigation area introduced in Great Task 3.

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